Access Control: The Benefits to You and Your Business

Access Control: The Benefits to You and Your Business

Are you a business owner? If you manage or run a building as part of your company, you’ll no doubt want to control who has access to it. After all, locks and keys that allow you to secure your building can be misplaced, or even get stolen. Are you really ready for the hassle such an occurrence might bring? The inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys will no doubt be a problem you can do without. Add to that the fact that keys can easily be copied and you have an even bigger security risk on your hands.

But the fact is; whether your business is big and small, there’ll be certain things you’ll need to protect when it comes to your building and its contents. Here at JLM Electrical, we have it all in hand. Our access control services offer an efficient and convenient way of securing your building and its assets. So, why would you choose us?

Our systems are flexible enough to cater for all unique requirements. Serving anywhere from one to 100 users, our systems give you all the assurance you need. Plus, if you want something even more sophisticated in terms of reach, options from JLM Electrical can even accommodate several thousand users

  •  Via our handy systems, we can offer bespoke management of each of your sites. This allows you full control over times of access to selected areas and for certain members of staff.
  •  Should you lose ordinary keys, you’ll know that each of their corresponding locks must be replaced to maintain security. Costs, of course, might be high, but you’ll not have to worry about that should you decide to opt for one of our systems. If a card fob is lost, for example, it can simply be deleted by the system (with a new one issued quickly) to give you the confidence that no unauthorised persons should try to enter the building.
  • There’s a host of options available to you in terms of access control, too. From video and audio entry systems to modular door entry systems, specialised door entry systems and concierge systems, we’ll see you right at JLM Electrical.

In terms of a quick rundown, video and audio door entry systems provide secure and controlled admission to visitors or customers by the staff or residents. Suitable for either residential or commercial premises, the systems are designed to offer security while retaining convenient access. Furthermore, our systems will help to control access to your building, as well as add value – ideal if you later decide to move on and sell.

Meanwhile, modular door entry systems give you the opportunity to customise outdoor stations to meet specific installation requirements. It could be as simple as a single button, or you could opt for a system with a multiple button and video option. For added security, there’s always coded or proximity access, too.

Specialised door entry systems can ensure full privacy via speech, lock release and timed calls, while concierge systems are capable of intercepting calls from the building and the door panels. A great choice if you’re looking to improve the co-ordination of the facilities management of properties, this type of security is well worth considering.

Want to know more? Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your options in more detail.

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