DIY Don’t: Why it Pays to Hire an Electrician

DIY Don’t: Why it Pays to Hire an Electrician

With the recession still very much biting, the temptation to cut costs and make any home improvements yourself can be all too tempting. If your home need a fresh lick of paint, we say go for it. Want to have a go at papering your walls? Fair enough. But definitely consider leaving the potentially dangerous stuff to the professionals.

Just lately, DIY electrical work has been making the news as more and more homeowners have a go at fixing the things that go wrong in the home. But when it comes to electrical matters, it really isn’t worth taking the risk – even if you have swatted up by watching online tutorials.

Did you know, though, that regardless of the method you use to install your own home electrics (even when using a qualified electrician) you will need to obtain a Part P certificate. In simple terms, this means people who are not registered with a self-certification scheme – including those who like a spot of home DIY – will need to notify or submit plans to a building control body. So you see, it really isn’t as simple as you may have first thought.

Having said that, it hasn’t deterred a lot of DIYers, with 28% surveyed in a recent study saying they would go as far as to install brand new garden lighting. But of course this comes with a huge risk, thanks to damp and wet external conditions.

If you are thinking of going ahead and carrying out your own external electrical work, though, think again. Installation of garden lighting should always be carried out by a qualified electrician, but the good news is it’s something our experts here at JLM Electrical are more than equipped to do.

Don't DIY where electricals are concerned. Pic credit:

Don’t DIY where electricals are concerned. Pic credit:


Of course, some minor jobs may prove OK (safety-wise) to carry out yourself in the home, but anything too complex and potentially dangerous is a no go. If you need to undertake any circuit repair work, rewiring or installing new wiring, call a pro. Otherwise, you could be putting your home – and more crucially, yourself – at risk.

Be warned that even a simple job like installing a light switch may be a job for a qualified electrician. Doing it yourself could turn into a nightmare for you, while calling out an electrician to fix your mistakes could fast prove more costly.

You may well have watched and re-watched the online tutorials but don’t be too confident – sometimes it’s easier to admit defeat and leave it to the professionals.

Need to consult one of our electricians here at JLM Electrical? If you want to hire one of our experts, simply give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. From changing a light switch to rewiring your entire home, we’ll give you the peace of mind you need that your house is in full working order. More importantly, though, you can rest assured your home will be safe, too.

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