Do I Have the Skills to Work in The Engineering Industry?

Do I Have the Skills to Work in The Engineering Industry?

For engineers within mechanical and electrical engineering, a certain set of skills is required. As an industry that is so diverse, the need for engineers with niche skills, and engineers with more transferable skills between sectors, will not only ensure your employment, but, along with a strong work ethic, could see you rise in the ranks quickly.

Young people considering a career in engineering now find themselves with a broader, more diversified range of roles to choose from, that will excite and reward them. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 university graduates are choosing a career in engineering, so being aware of the necessary skills that engineering employers look for will definitely give the edge of other candidates, and ensure that engineering is the right field for you.

So how do you put your skills to the test? Well, ever heard of that old expression practice makes perfect? That has never been more true than considering your skills for an engineering role. Practical knowledge and skills gained from real, hands-on experience will set you a cut above the rest. It’s one thing to know theory, but applying that theory practically, and successfully, demonstrates a great range of skills.

To find out if you have the skills to cut it in mechanical and electrical engineering, why not apply for one of our work experience programmes and gain some practical, hands-on experience from JLM, an industry-leading mechanical and electrical company.


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