Electric Car Charging: Just One of the Services We Offer Here at JLM Electrical

Electric Car Charging: Just One of the Services We Offer Here at JLM Electrical

With new products being developed every few months, it’s little wonder there’s now even more information out there about the benefits of electric cars. And here on the JLM Electrical blog today, we’re giving you all the details about electric car charging –m one of the many services we offer. That’s right; we don’t just bring you traditional electrical services like installation of lighting or alarm systems, we can ensure your car is roadworthy, too.

For those considering an electric car, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise on safety. Some of the latest models have demonstrated that they’re just as safe as their diesel or petrol equivalents. With a range of around 100 miles, electric cars offer more than enough charge per use than most people need per day, too.

Charging times for electric cars vary depending on the size of car and how big the battery is, with the typical charge time for pure-electric cars using a standard UK wall socket between six and eight hours. Cars like this are also kind to the environment, with zero tailpipe emissions.

So how does electric car charging work? The basic source of charging is a secure post with a socket, which can be easily accessed by way of an electronic tag. Of course, technology like this is developing quickly, with some companies supplying everything from electronic displays, quick charging and double sockets.

Most charging points feature 3 Type 2 recharging (the most common form of electric car charging), which is suitable for most electric vehicles. The rate at which your electric vehicle charges differs depending on the output of your electrical supply, along with the charge cable, the capability of the charge point and the size of the battery pack. But the best bit is that owning an electric vehicle could save you money in the long-run, as well as help reduce your carbon footprint.

By choosing JLM Electrical for your electric car charging needs, you can be sure of a great standard of service from start to finish. Everything we do here is underpinned by our core values of passion, integrity and excellence – and that will come across from the second you give us a call. But don’t forget, we also offer a host of other electrical services, from the installation of PV solar panels, to LED lighting, and more.

What’s more, we’re committed to offering premium quality, alongside competitive service to all our customers – new and old. If you’re looking to get your electric car charged, speak to us today, about both our rates and our service.

We offer electric car owners the chance to charge their car with us; why not give us a call here at JLM Electrical, Leeds and we’ll talk you through how it works?



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