Electrical Hazards: What to Look Out For

Electrical Hazards: What to Look Out For

Recent figures via the Government indicate that electricity causes more than 20,000 fires each and every year, and almost half of these are accidental house fires. But when it comes to electrical hazards, you should keep an eye on things outside of the home, too.

Are you a business owner? It’s more important than ever to ensure your building is safe, especially as you’ll have more people than just yourself to look out for. So here are some practical hints and tips on how to reduce the risks presented by electricity in your place of work – whether that’s an office, retail unit or warehouse. You owe it to yourself and your employees to look out for them, and if you notice anything untoward don’t delay – get it sorted.

1.  Check and maintain electrical equipment – Electric shocks caused by faulty equipment can cause permanent injury, so do ensure you test computers and other appliances regularly. If you notice anything suspicious – sparking or a burning smell – do not put your employees in danger. Instead, if necessary, consult the help of an electrician like ours here at JLM Electrical and consider discarding the offending item. Safely maintaining your electrical equipment will not only keep yourself and your workforce safe, it’ll also save you money in the long-run.

2.  Do not misuse your equipment – Think you can sort the problem yourself? If you’re unsure, leave it to a professional. Fiddling about with potentially dangerous electrical items can lead to injury, or even worse, death. If an accident involving yourself, a colleague or an employee does occurs, make sure you record it in your dedicated accidents’ book.  Always use the right equipment, too, choosing items that are safe for the environment there are to be used in. It goes without saying, we bet, to keep water well away from electrical items. It may also be advisable to provide suitable coasters for your employees’ drinks, to minimise the risks and deter people from popping drinks on computers and monitors.

3.  Use Residual Current Devices (RCDs) – Providing additional safety, residual current devices, also known as RCDs, detect some faults in electrical systems. Should they find a fault, they work by automatically switch off the electricity supply to keep you and your employees free from danger. You can have an RCD built into the mains or socket outlet, which ensures cables are protected permanently.

Want some more advice when it comes to maintaining your workplace and its electrical appliances? Speak to the team here at JLM Electrical, who’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest safer alternatives to the equipment and procedures you are currently using, if required.

If your staff report a fault, make sure you follow it up as quickly as possible to avoid any hazards in the workplace, which could prove dangerous.


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