Emergency lighting (Your responsibility as an employer)

Emergency lighting (Your responsibility as an employer)

Emergency lighting

Under the management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, every employer is required to take measures on the basis of the risk assessment, to safeguard building occupants.  These measures include the provision of means of escape and, where necessary, emergency lighting.  It is with this in mind, that the person responsible for the maintenance of the lighting shall ensure that a 12 month periodic inspection is carried out on the emergency lighting.

Our services:

Periodic Inspection and Testing

A JLM Electrical engineer will check that there are adequate lux levels from the fittings, that charger units are operating correctly and that batteries operate for the duration of the inspection. We also check for the correct positioning of the fittings and emergency signs.

On completion of the electrical testing you will receive a certificate outlining obsevations and recommendations and items inspected and tested, to make sure that your installation complies with current emergency lighting regulations.  You will also receive an emergency lighting log book to record all subsequent tests.

If your commercial property hasn’t had a periodic inspection for its emergency lighting within the last year, or is due for an inspection, go to our Contact Us page and arrange a free survey and no obligation quotation.



JLM Electrical carry out the installation of emergency lighting systems.  If you are the person responsible for the occupants within the building and you are unsure whether the building meets the current emergency lighting regulations, contact us for a free survey and no obligation quotation.

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