Five Reasons to Choose JLM Electrical for LED Lighting

Five Reasons to Choose JLM Electrical for LED Lighting

So you’ve read up on LED lighting and its benefits and now you’re ready to get the ball rolling and get some installed into your workplace? By now you’re probably wondering why you should pick JLM Electrical over the other LED lighting installation teams out there, so let us tell you in five easy points…

  1. We’ll Get to Know Your Business – Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. Our LED lighting installation team will get to know you and your business before offering you a personalised quote. Of course, this will be completely free and it’ll involve a visit to your site to thoroughly assess the work required – no quick phone chat here; we do the job properly at JLM. Should you require it, we can also issue proposal drawings for you tot take a look over alongside your tailored quotation. Alongside this, we can create CAD drawings of an electrical installation to ensure absolute peace of mind for you, our valued customer.
  1. We Carry Out Our Work Nationwide – Decided to go for LED lighting but just discovered your installation team of choice doesn’t cover your area? No problem. Here at JLM, we fit LED lights nationwide, including in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and London. Visiting you in fully-equipped vehicles, our engineers can fulfill your company’s requirements, wherever you are in the country.
  1. Our Work Isn’t Limited to LED Lighting – Need something else doing, alongside the installation of LED lighting? You’ll be pleased to discover our skill set doesn’t stop at installing lights; we offer a wide variety of electrical works to save you time and hassle, from UPS systems, fire alarms, to voice and data and even CCTV Systems – get in touch with us today to find out more.
For an efficient and friendly service, choose JLM Electrical, Leeds

For an efficient and friendly service, choose JLM Electrical, Leeds

  1. Customer Satisfaction is Paramount – We believe in not only meeting, but exceeding, the continuing demand for innovate methods of engineering and procurement that each and every one of our customers is looking for. We take real pride in our company and our work and it’s something you’ll discover when you pick up the phone for an initial chat or quote. Our skilled team will help realise the ambition of your project from start to finish, every time.
  1. Quality is Key – If the above points aren’t enough to tempt you into hearing more, this last point just might. We’re committed to providing premium quality alongside competitive service to all our customers, new and old. But don’t just take our word for it; some of our glowing testimonials will give you all the assurance you need. PDS Dental Laboratories, for example, says we surpassed the company’s expectations, while the team at Holden Grange Care Group tell us the service they received from JLM was ‘exemplary’.

Need convincing further of our ability and professionalism? Get in touch with us here at JLM Electrical today and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements, however big or small.


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