Ground-breaking Mechanical Engineering Research at MIT

Ground-breaking Mechanical Engineering Research at MIT

At MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering graduates have been showcasing the latest in mechanical engineering research at the third annual MERE, Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition.

Meg Murphy of MIT’s School of Engineering writes “on a Friday afternoon in September, a small clutch of people are gathered around Anthony McDougal to hear him describe his research on the biological and mechanical processes behind the brilliant colors of the butterfly. McDougal, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, raises his voice to be heard over the crowd, and motions to the posters and exhibits behind him, including several live insects at various stages of development”.

Murphy writes that Crystal, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, explained “it is cool that his research group is looking at butterfly wings as they grow, and how that happens in the real world. What they learn can probably teach us about how we can do it in our lab,” Another graduate, Zubajlo, explains “mechanical engineering is just so huge. This is a good way to learn about what people are actually researching — to see it all under one roof,” she said.

From robotic insects to fly robots, the research is undoubtedly exciting particularly as it comes from some of the most advanced and intelligent engineering minds in the world. MIT boasts the title of the world’s best university, and has held it for the past 5 years. The mechanical engineering research carried out at MIT may potentially pose a ground-breaking future for the mechanical and electrical field – watch this space.

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