Heating Services from JLM: How We Can Help

Heating Services from JLM: How We Can Help

Heating Services from JLM: How We Can Help

We’ve been in business some years now – and thought it was about time we treated ourselves to a website refresh. Eagle-eyed readers of our blog, and visitors to our site in general, may now start to notice some changes here on our little space on the Internet, so look out for those!

We’re hoping to make the JLM Electrical site even easier to use, as well as simple to navigate. Of course, it’ll look great too. So bear with us while we make the necessary changes and keep checking back to see as and when the new site goes live.

Today though, normal service will resume in terms of blogs – and we’re bringing you a handy piece on our heating services.

Did you know, for instance, that gas and oil boilers which are over 10 years old waste a lot of valuable energy? In fact, some older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat. What that means for you is a less efficient boiler – that’s for certain – but it’ll also result in higher heating costs.

With that in mind, why not chat to us about how we can help? We could help save you a fortune on your heating bills, simply by assessing your home and making sure you have the right system in place. And with the cold, wintry weather on the way, this is something you won’t want to put off for too much longer.

Or perhaps you’re looking to update your central heating system? If, for example, it’s temperamental or it makes a lot of noise, you might need a brand new one installing. The great news is we can help! As well as assisting with a whole range of electrical services – from electric car charging to CCTV and alarm systems – we can ensure your central heating service is both practical and cost-effective.

Furthermore, we take your safety seriously. All our electricians here at JLM are fully-qualified and will ensure each and every job is undertaken in as quick, convenient and – above all – safe way as possible.

If you’re looking for some assurance, simply give us a call here at JLM – and we’ll be happy to talk you through anything you’re not sure of. We can also give you a quote for any work you’re looking to get covered, as well as talk you through our skilled electricians’ way of working.

By choosing a JLM electrician, you can be certain you’re getting a quality service – every time. But don’t just take our word for it; have a browse around the site for testimonials from our customers.

Plus, make sure you take a look at the services section here on the JLM website, as it may be that we can help you in other areas of your home or business. From helping to keep you safe at work, to ensuring you have the right personal alarms systems in place, we do it all.

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