Is Your Electrician Qualified? Here’s How You’ll Know…

Is Your Electrician Qualified? Here’s How You’ll Know…

You’ve identified an electrics-related issue in your home or at business and there’s now only one thing for it: time to call an electrician. But along with ensuring you get a fair price for the work you need doing, it’s worth finding out if your electrician is qualified. After all, you don’t want to be back where you started, with faulty electrics and with a decidedly lighter wallet.

Of course, the whole team here at JLM Electrical Ltd is qualified; in fact, we only employ people who are highly qualified and fully-trained. Each of our staff hold a CIS card and they’re all CRB-checked for local council and education contracts, too. If you decide to go elsewhere, though, here’s how to find out if your Leeds electrician is qualified:

Scour the website – Like us, most electricians have a dedicated website – and if they’re qualified, they most certainly should be shouting about it in order to reassure customers to book their services. By taking a look at our ‘About’ page, you’ll find we’re qualified here at JLM, but if you decide to opt to use another Leeds electrician, take a scout around the website, looking on the homepage or in the About section. You should find all the information you’re looking for online, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask.

Pick up the phone – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply asking your electrician if he or she is qualified, whether you do that in advance in their visit or as an when they show up to carry out the work. After all, you may be putting yourself and your family in serious danger if you choose an electrician that isn’t qualified. If you’ve hired an electrician and you suspect they’ve left with you in a vulnerable, dangerous position due to shoddy work, it’s important you seek a second opinion as soon as possible. It’s worth bearing in mind that the British Standards Institution (BSI) offers a kitemark scheme for electrical installers, while an Electrical Competent Person scheme is in place for all electricians. Furthermore, NICEIC Certification Services maintains a register of qualified and competent electricians, so if you think there’s something not quite right about the contractor you’re using; don’t be afraid to seek advice or assurance elsewhere.

Got another question? Simply give us a call here at JLM Electrical, Leeds, and we’d be happy to help. Whether you’re looking to have LED lights fitted or you’d like a professional to rewire your house, we can help. Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog here on the site for more top tips, help and advice. Discover everything from how to save money on your electricity bills, to how to break into the electrical industry. Until next time…

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