JLM Electrical is now working along side RFM Group

JLM Electrical is now working along side RFM Group

Nationwide reach
With clients right across the UK it’s vital that we’re a company with genuine nationwide reach. Many of the businesses and organisations we work with have multiple branches, so we’ve developed the skills, processes and resources to deliver a thoroughly consistent service regardless of a project’s scale or geographical spread. From a one-off project to our own doorstep here West Yorkshire right through to multi-million pound contracts to supply ongoing services at sites all over the UK, we’ve got everything it takes to coordinate things smoothly and seamlessly right down the line. We have offices based throughout the UK including Edinburgh, london and leeds.

In it for the long run

We’ve always been a business that’s looked well ahead, and experience has taught us that the benefits of building productive and long-lasting partnerships far outweigh a more short-term view. This is why we dedicate significant time and energy to looking after our clients in ways they’re simply not used to, using a personable yet highly professional approach to nurture the kind of working relationships that bring them tangible results. The fact that 90% of our clients renew their contracts tells us we’re getting it right.

Fully integrated solutions or simple one-offs

Many of our clients find that the more they work with us the better they perform. That’s because our unrivalled expertise means we’re able to integrate our individual services so effectively that the overall impact of our work becomes greater than the sum of its parts. By coordinating our services, spotting opportunities to consolidate and giving our people the skills and incentive to multi-task, we’re able to make the greatest difference of all when we become an integral part of a client’s daily operations.

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