JLM Mechanical & Electrical proudly introduces the latest in energy saving solutions…

JLM Mechanical & Electrical proudly introduces the latest in energy saving solutions…

Eco-Max-Home Voltage Optimiser


What is the Eco-Max-Home Voltage Optimiser?

The Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser is a unit which simply reduces the supply voltage consumed by your electrical equipment and appliances. The unit consumes the voltage needs required by the electrical equipment, and not the overly high standardised voltage levels we operate on in the UK. It is best suited to domestic properties and/ or small commercial properties.


Why do I need it?

Most electrics don’t require the high level of supply voltages that we have here in the UK, which is set between 216V and 253V. This can not only waste energy, which means wasting money, but shorten the life of your electrics too. However, supply voltages in the EU are considerably lower, with all voltages as low as 207V.

In a similar way, the Eco-Max-Home Voltage Optimiser will reduce the voltage supplying your electricity to a more economic 220V. The Eco-Max-Home Voltage Optimiser, combined with other technologies, can offer you a significant saving on energy used, and therefore could stand to save you money.


What are some of the other benefits?

  • All of your electrical appliances will function more effectively
  • Your light bulbs and lighting systems will last longer
  • Offer a saving anywhere between 20-80% on lighting energy without the need to change any fittings
  • Less disturbances and complications from fire and security alarms, and they don’t ‘trip’ as often
  • Reduced voltage spikes and fluctuations
  • Also reduces your carbon emissions too, offering a more environmentally-friendly energy solution
  • The unit is easy to fit, maintenance-free, and offer a 5-year warranty
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