LED Lighting: Stylish and Economical

LED Lighting: Stylish and Economical

Recently moved house and want to revamp it, room by room? Or perhaps you’re just looking to refresh your current abode? No worries! There are plenty of simple and relatively cost-effective ways you can do so.

The way you style a room – however old or tired it may be looking – can really make all the difference. A few well-placed trinkets or treasures, the right colour curtains or rugs or just a quick change-around of furniture can offer an instant refresh. But did you know LED lighting also provides an easy and fairly budget-friendly way to spruce up a room.

LED lighting can look great in the home. Image via Houzz.com

LED lighting can look great in the home. Image via Houzz.com

Let us start by saying that bulbs are not just for illumination purposes. A well-chosen light source, installed in the right place, can transform a room and home and have guests wondering what it is you’ve done to create such a beautiful living space.

LED lighting can magically alter a room, ensuring its best features – such as that much-loved piece of art, or beautiful family photo – are illuminated and offer a real focal point when you walk in.

In a recent piece over on The Telegraph site, Sally Storey, a design director at a popular lighting company, explained how lighting represents one of the easiest changes you can make to your home. She told the newspaper: “Lighting is a hidden and much underestimated tool. It can make the simplest white tile in the bathroom look magical, or expensive marble look terrible if you get it wrong.”

Sally’s right, too. Lighting, when done well, can be the difference of a drab-looking living room, bathroom or kitchen, to a fab one. With the right lighting, Sally says, other pieces in your home – from vases to cushions and photo frames – can look even better.

While it doesn’t come cheap to install LED lighting, it works out much better on the pocket over time. In The Telegraph piece, Sally goes on to say that “instead of using the equivalent of, say, 60 watts in energy”, LED lights may only use seven watts, yet still offer the same amount of brightness. In time, of course, that represents a huge saving for you.

It’s true that LED bulbs are the most energy efficient (up to 90%), with the longest life and a range of colour temperatures to suit most homes. Try LEDs in place of your standard under-cupboard lighting in the kitchen, or consider them in the bedroom, or even outside in the garden – there’s a host of options available to you.

So, next time you consider repainting your home, instead stop to think about how a simple thing like lighting – namely LED lighting – will actually prove much more cost-effective in the long run.

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