Lighting Options for Your Business: All the Details

Lighting Options for Your Business: All the Details











Is harsh lighting in your office or warehouse causing headaches amongst your staff? Perhaps lighting that’s far too dim is making day-to-day operations a struggle for your employees. Either way it’s well worth addressing how a new choice of lighting might improve working conditions better for yourself and your team.

The great news is there are plenty of commercial lighting options available to you, to help offer adequate brightness to your business. But that’s not all; choose the right lighting source and you’ll find it’s more convenient to use and better value, too. In our latest blog here on the JLM Electrical site, we run through some of the options available to you and your business.

Of course, our dedicated team of electricians can ensure your business is up and running as soon as possible via the quick and hassle-free installation of your chosen lighting.

LED Technology – We’ve talked a lot on this blog about LED technology, as it’s one of our key offerings here at JLM Electrical. While it can prove more costly upfront, in the long-run LED lighting can save you a significant amount of money. Light-emitting diodes (otherwise known as LEDs) are used in many offices for everything from general lighting to company signage. If you’re looking to make long-term savings, they’re a great option for you; helping save up to 90 per cent on your energy bills when compare to other lighting options, it’s win-win for bosses like yourself.

Fluorescent Lighting – One of the most commonly-used lighting options for commercial businesses like offices and factories, fluorescent lamps closely mimic the brightness received via natural light through the day. Output is high but their brightness makes them ideal for buildings with high ceilings. Consider this option if you have a larger space to light, and if you’re looking for relatively good value for your business.

nLight Technology – A cost-effective solution which offers easy lighting management, nLight is among the latest technologies which integrate daylight-based, time-based and sensor- based controls. On top of this, the lighting can also be controlled manually to ensure smooth and stress-free management. Cleverly dimming the lighting when excessive brightness is not required, this option will help reduce costs and energy output.

Seen an option above which sounds ideal for you? Give us a call here at JLM Electrical, or take a good look around our blog to read up on LEDs, fluorescent lighting or nLight technology.

In our case studies section here on the site, you’ll find examples of companies who’ve chosen LED lighting specifically.

Need some more advice? Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and we’d be happy to discuss your options at length. We want steer you towards a decision but we can lay out the benefits for each option above to ensure you’re better equipped to come to a conclusion yourself.

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