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JLM Electrical/Hudson Solar the PV Solar specialists of Yorkshire, “we offer the full service” and are fully qualified installers; but the difference is we also have over 25 years experience & knowledge in traditional roofing.


We can advise & help you on all aspects of your installation. If you are building a new property we can also take charge of the complete installation of your roof as well. We understand the roofs structure and we already have a proven record of high quality workmanship and customer service over a 25 year period.


We are based in Leeds and are a division of Hudson Roofing Est 1986, Yorkshire’s Traditional Roofing Specialists. Our renewable energy division has installed the panels on our own property first and were extremely impressed by the efficiency of the product” and so anyone interested in installing the panels are welcome to call and see for themselves our workmanship and the product we use up and running!


Solar PV (photovoltaics) technology allows you to generate electricity from daylight.
Solar Panels can be installed either connected to the grid or ‘off-grid’ by charging battery banks.


PV can now be viewed as an investment, where guaranteed 20-year returns can be relied on. In addition your reliance on fossil fuels is reduced, and every kW of installed PV will save half a tonne of Co2, every year for the 30-35 year lifespan of the system.


We buy our PV modules direct from the world’s largest manufacturers. We supply the latest mono and multi-cell modules. These give high performance, meaning that your installation will generate as much electricity as possible for ever kW you buy.


PV modules (panels) generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. Our National Grid cannot accept DC electricity so we install an Inverter (the brain of the system) to convert the DC electricity into grid-ready AC (Alternating Current) electricity. The AC electricity is then sent via an OFGEM meter (where you record how much electricity you have generated) to your fuse-board, where the connection to the grid is made.


We design your PV installation to allow you to use the free electricity that you generate, before you use the National Grid. If you need more electricity than the PV installation is providing, you will automatically pick up the shortfall from the grid, without any disruption. When you are generating electricity but not using it all, the surplus goes back into the grid where it can be used by the wider population.


We can install PV installations on roofs, walls and remotely on the ground. A South, East or West facing installation at a 20-45 degree angle will be the most effective.


Remember, we are MCS approved to offer the new Generation Tariffs to our client’s, meaning that you could generate an annual income from your installation, and a Return On Investment of up to 10% per year, for the entire 20 year life of the Tariff scheme.


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JLM Electrical is working in partnership with Hudson Solar.


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