Shine a (External) Light on Your Business with LEDs

Shine a (External) Light on Your Business with LEDs

You’ve paid a designer to create an eye-catching logo, and you’ve probably hired a

copywriter to craft great words for your website. So, what next? To really shine a light on

your business (pun intended!), why not have LEDs installed?


Is LED street lighting for you? Pic credit:

Is LED street lighting for you? Pic credit:

From street lighting to car park illumination, here at JLM Electrical we can meet your every

LED lighting needs – and you’ll be surprised how competitive our prices are.

Offering complete lighting solutions to anyone looking to shine a light on their business

premises, our electricians at Leeds-based JLM Electrical are experts in specialist lighting and

related contracts.


Working for local authorities and private companies, we get the job done quickly and

efficiently, providing a full range of installation and maintenance solutions for you and your

Looking for a tailored solution? Simply give us a call; our expert team will help design

and install the best lighting solution for you. Our experience means we bring a unique

perspective on lighting to each and every job, giving you the peace of mind you’re looking

for when hiring a professional team.


We’ll maintain residential and urban street lights, with our skills extending to installation of

traffic lights and even sports centre lighting. Working with you to understand your specific

requirements, we’ll come up with a hassle-free, cost-effective plan.


We’re also committed to helping you achieve savings as far as energy consumption is

concerned, as well as doing our bit to reduce C02 emissions. Our team will even help you

implement new technologies to keep up with your competition, as well as reducing all-round

maintenance costs to keep your overheads low.


At JLM Electrical, we provide tailored LED lighting solutions to businesses like yours. We’ll

help you switch to LED lighting technology, as we know it’s both cost-effective and easy to

maintain for the busy business owner.


There’s a host of reasons you should choose LED street lighting for your company, but let us

fill you in on the main ones. First, it’ll help reduce your energy bills by up to 90% – that’s a

lot of money. But it also goes some way to helping you reduce your carbon foot print, too.

LED lights use much less power to produce the same level of brightness when compared to

traditional lighting, meaning it makes perfect sense to switch.


But that’s not all; LED lighting costs can be off set against taxable profits. The Enhanced

Capital Allowance scheme offers 100% First-Year-Allowance (FYA) for investments in energy

If you really need another excuse to make the switch, here’s one: you’ll enjoy reduced

replacement costs with LED lighting, as they tend to last that much longer – a real bonus

when you’re trying to cut costs.


Interested in LED street lighting for your company? Speak to one of our skilled electricians

here in Leeds by getting in touch via our contact page here on the JLM Electrical site. It all

starts with a phone call; we’re looking forward to chatting with you.

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