Smoke Alarms: Why They Should be Your Number One Priority

Smoke Alarms: Why They Should be Your Number One Priority

Above profits, safety amongst your staff should be your top priority. After all, what’s a great, successful workplace if it isn’t a safe one? Not taking the necessary steps to keep everyone free of harm can cause more stress – and mean more cost – in the long-run. And as anyone who owns a home or business knows, smoke alarms are of the first and most important purchases you should make if your premises don’t already come with them.

When you consider that having a working smoke alarm – in your business or home – can cut your chances of death due to fire by a staggering 50%, it becomes all too clear why this should come right at the top of your safety-related shopping list.

The primary function of your smoke alarm is, of course, to notify you of any smoke inside your business. And were something to go wrong in terms of electricals, you’ll know about it almost instantly. The fact is, there are few – if any – things more important than protecting not just yourself, but your staff, too.

There are many other ways you can keep your business free of risk, but installing a smoke alarm – something we can do here at JLM Electrical – should be right up there. Here’s how you can optimise safety in your business, not just today but long-term too.

Ensure Staff Know What to Do in Case of an Emergency – Has an electrical fault triggered your smoke alarm to sound? Make sure all staff know exactly what to do; is there, perhaps, a designated area for them to head to? Or instead make them aware that they’d need to quickly evacuate the building if needs be.

Install the Right Number of Smoke Alarms for Your Business – So you’ve decided you’ll need a smoke alarm or two – a wise decision for any business or home owner. But it’s also worth finding out just how many you need in your building. In general, it’s recommended to have one on at least each floor of your building, if it’s a modest-sized office block. But if it’s made up of many large rooms, a smoke alarm per room is the only way to go.

Hire a Professional for Repairs and Installation – Think your smoke alarm isn’t doing its job properly? Worried it has a fault? If you need to repair, replace or install additional smoke alarms in your office, seek the help of a qualified JLM Electrician, to give you all the assurance you need.

Test Your Smoke Alarms Monthly – Simply hold down the test button on the front of the alarm, in order to check if your smoke alarms are doing their job properly. Something not quite right? Don’t delay; ensure your smoke alarms are replaced or repaired immediately – but always hire a professional.

Need some more tips? Our qualified team here at JLM Electrical will be more than happy to advise you of the best course of action for your business; just pick up the phone and give us

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