The Rise of Audi’s Futuristic Electric Cars

The Rise of Audi’s Futuristic Electric Cars


Yesterday at the Shanghai Auto Show, Audi unveiled their new all electric concept vehicle, the E-tron Sportback. The E-tron Sportback will have 320 kilowatts of power, with a “boost mode” that will allow the car to have a massive 370 kilowatts. The futuristic electric-coupe will also be able to reach a roaring 62 mph in 4.5 seconds!

Audi explain that the “Audi e-tron takes progressive technology and blends it with everyday usability, creating the electric driving experience of tomorrow. Audi e-tron uses an electric motor and a conventional combustion engine. These are able to work independently or in tandem with each other.

This means e-tron models can run purely on the electric motor (ideal for short journeys and city driving), just the combustion engine, or in hybrid mode with both. This offers the driver the performance and reliability of a combustion engine, with the economy of an electric motor”.

As exciting as it all sounds, the E-tron Sportback itself won’t actually be available until 2019. In 2018 however, Audi will release their Quattro E-tron car, a concept introduced by Audi as their first electric car back in 2015. Over the next few coming years, Audi has said it intends to produce three electric vehicles with the E-tron Quattro and E-tron Sportback being the first two. And over those next few years, we can expect to see major changes to lighting systems on cars according to auto executives. For example, the new E-tron Sportback will feature an Audi badge on the front of the car which lights up. This is a feature that other car makers such as Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti offer on their vehicles, and there have been prediction that headlights will eventually become obsolete altogether.


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