The Rise of the Electric Car

The Rise of the Electric Car

According to reports, by the end of 2016, there will be 2 million electric cars across the world.

It’s safe to say an electric car revolution is on the horizon, with China, the biggest market, boasting some of the highest selling vehicles; Europe is the second biggest market and America being the third.

Transport & Environment published a new EV (electric vehicle) report on 6th October which saw that in Europe, sales doubled in 2015 to from72,000 to 145,000. Greg Archer of Transport & Environment said: “It is still very small, but what we have seen over the past few months is a complete culture change”.

In the United Kingdom, there is an innovative new project to determine how we will deal with the ever-growing demand of the electric car.

The Head of Asset Management & Innovation at SSEN, Stewart Reid, said: “As more people plug their vehicles in to charge, the more electricity is needed to match the demand. If this is being done at a time when demand is already high – such as in the evening around tea-time – this could put pressure on the electricity network, which could result in power cuts or disruption in supplies.

“The Smart EV project will help provide a safe and secure electricity network that can support the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles, while reducing investment costs, customer bills and disruptions.

“Our research predicts that using smart technology, rather than digging up the roads to install new cables, will result in an economic saving of around £2.2 billion by 2050.”

Dave A. Roberts, the Director at Smart Interventions at EA Technology weighed in saying: “We need to find a standardised method to control the charging of EVs. The Smart EV project will seek to provide a national engineering recommendation, or equivalent, for the connection, charging and control of electric vehicles.

“We need the input of as many relevant stakeholders as possible – if you are a charging point manufacturer, installer, EV manufacturer, policymaker or anyone involved in the associated supply chain, please take part in the consultation.”


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