What’s the difference between VRV and VRF?

What’s the difference between VRV and VRF?

In a nutshell, VRV and VRF are both the same type of HVAC technology despite many mistaking VRV and VRF to be two different types of HVAC systems. So what’s the difference?

VRV: The term VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) is the official trademark of the HVAC system invented by Daikin in the earl 1980s, based on Inverter Technology Compressors.

VRF: All other companies besides Daikin use the more commonly-used term VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) for their similar HVAC systems.

Why should I use VRV or VRF?

Utilising sophisticated technology, both VRV and VRF are pretty much the best of the best when it comes to Air Conditioning Systems. VRV and VRF benefit from:

  • Refrigerants being the only coolant in the system, as opposed to a chilled water system
  • Inverter compressors which for a lower power consumption
  • Multiple air handlers on the same refrigerant circuit
  • Ability to automatically adjust to outdoor conditions


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