Why Are Electric Cars Having Sound Added To Them?

Why Are Electric Cars Having Sound Added To Them?

Global digital product studio, Ustwo, have announced that they are working with audio branding consultancy Man Made Music, to give the electric car sound in order to improve their safety. Together, these two comapnies are using virtual reality (VR) to explore the various sounds that vehicles could make. There has recently been an increase in injuries on the roads where pedestrians and cyclists haven’t heard electric cars approaching.

Ustwo VR engineer, Kevin Harper, explains: “Recreating and adding a combustion engine sound to electric vehicles is like adding a horse neigh to the first cars ever made.” This development comes after the electric car saw a rise in the number of accidents caused by their silence. There are now also statutory requirements in Europe and the US demanding that all new electric vehicles will have to make noise from 2019.

Ustwo product designer Anders Oscarsson, says: “VR technology enables us to create simulations of the future. Before VR, these future visions could only be explored in the form of conceptual sketches or costly physical prototypes, but now we can actually experience them by using virtual technology.”

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