Renewable Heating

Air source heat pumps are a key component of modern, energy-efficient building management systems, offering heating and cooling in one integrated unit.

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Optimise your building's heating and cooling with JLM's professional air source heat pump installations.

JLM’s tailored heat pump solutions enhance energy efficiency for both small and large-scale facilities.
Our expert installation and testing service ensures optimal performance and energy savings.
By using cutting-edge HVAC technology we reduce your operational costs and overall energy use.
Our comprehensive project support, from design to maintenance, maximises your installation's longevity.
ASHPs use latent environmental heat, providing dependable heating and cooling while reducing carbon emissions.
JLM works with leading manufacturers to ensure proper specification of your new renewable heating equipment.

JLM offers bespoke air source heat pump configurations tailored for any setting — from single buildings to multiple sites, coupled with expert installation by certified engineers.


By integrating air source heat pumps, your business not only realises the benefits of a modern HVAC system but also contributes positively to sustainability — resonating with customers and stakeholders who prioritise environmental responsibility.

Why choose JLM?

JLM has extensive experience designing, installing and optimising renewable heating solutions including air source heat pumps — for both commercial and industrial applications at any scale. If you’re ready to make the switch, contact us for an initial consultation.

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Renewable Heating

JLM offers a variety of financing options tailored to support the integration of voltage optimisation systems into your business — without the need for a large capital investment upfront.

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Renewable Heating

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Renewable Heating
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Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

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For assistance, please visit our Contact Us page or call our customer support hotline at 0113 4180143. Our dedicated team is ready to help you on your journey to a greener, more sustainable future.