Financing options for renewables

Our comprehensive financing options are designed to be tax-efficient and tailored to support your energy strategy with minimal risk.

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Invest in sustainable energy with flexible financing

Financing through JLM makes acquiring and implementing sustainable technology more accessible — and offers significant advantages:

For Solar PV and Battery Storage installations, JLM can also assist you in setting up Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These enable businesses to purchase electricity directly from renewable sources, either generated on-site or through a connected solar farm. This arrangement bypasses traditional energy markets, offering more predictable energy costs.


  • Enjoy tax benefits from leasing options which are more cost-efficient than outright purchases.
  • Spread the cost of your investment over time with predictable monthly payments that ease budgeting and cash flow management.
  • Enjoy tax benefits from leasing options which are more cost-efficient than outright purchases.
  • Enjoy tax benefits from leasing options which are more cost-efficient than outright purchases.

Choose the right financing model for your business

JLM offers a variety of innovative financing options and PPAs designed specifically for renewable energy investments.

Private Wire PPA

Private Wire PPAs allow businesses to purchase electricity directly from the source, such as an on-site or near-site solar farm, eliminating middlemen and associated non-commodity charges. 

Ideal for companies with high energy demand, this setup has no upfront cost and the cost per megawatt decreases as demand grows, offering an effective path to cost-efficient renewable energy usage.

This direct connection helps stabilise energy costs by avoiding market volatility and supports businesses in achieving their carbon-neutral objectives.

Asset Financing

JLM can introduce your business to asset finance providers who fully understand the renewables market. It’s a strategic way to fund investments in renewable energy technologies like solar PV, air-source heat pump systems, battery storage and voltage optimisation systems. 

By using the newly installed systems as collateral, you can secure loans that might otherwise be unavailable through traditional unsecured lending. 

This financing model focuses on the value of the renewable assets themselves rather than solely on your profitability or balance sheet, making it easier to manage initial investment costs and capitalise on the operational savings generated by the new systems.

Sleeved PPA

A sleeved Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) enables businesses or local authorities, particularly those in urban settings without their own land for solar installations, to connect directly to solar farms across the UK. 

Businesses benefit from choosing between fixed and variable energy tariffs, which helps in achieving long-term energy goals and reducing energy costs significantly.

And for every solar farm you connect to, JLM facilitates the creation of additional solar farms, continuously expanding the UK's solar capacity.

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